LAN & GGGI Take Part in a South-South Cooperation Knowledge Exchange

The National Institute of Public Administration (Lembaga Administrasi Negara/LAN) teamed up with representatives of GGGI Indonesia, GGGI Mexico, and Política y Legislación Ambiental, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Mexico, and held a South-South Knowledge Exchange event on April 10-13. During the event, there was an opportunity for participants to discuss ways to promote green growth in Mexico, learn how Mexico is addressing climate change in the country and share views on the Mexican experience in sustainable community forest management. The discussion revolved around linking green growth, sustainable mobility, transport policy and urban resilience through the South-South cooperation.


In addition, participants had a chance to learn about the Mexico City’s bicycle mobility strategy and its implementation plans and the importance of promoting and executing clean energy projects.


This South-South Knowledge Exchange event served as a platform for sharing experience and insights on best practices on green growth, public policies for sustainable mobility and transport.