Proposal Writing Training to Intermediaries: a Collaboration of IEF and GGGI

As a follow-up to launching the environmental fund program by the Indonesian Environment Fund (IEF) on March 29, 2022, IEF GGGI conducted a Proposal Writing Training for 25 selected intermediaries on April 18-21, 2022, in Jakarta.

Basic of Bamboo Crafts Training for Forest Farmers Groups in KPHL Balikpapan

The Technical Implementation Unit of the Balikpapan Protected Forest Management Unit (UPTD KPHL) Balikpapan, with the support of GGGI, held a training on Introduction to Tools and Basics of Bamboo Crafts Making on March 27-30, 2022, at the Balikpapan Botanical Gardens.

The First Meeting of G20 Environment Deputies Meeting and Climate Sustainability Working Group

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) held the first series of G20 Environment Deputies Meeting and Climate Sustainability Working Group (1st EDM-CSWG) on March 21-24, 2022, in Yogyakarta.

Mapping a Portrait of Green Growth Implementation in East Kalimantan 2010-2021

To map the Green Growth implementation portrait in East Kalimantan longitudinally from 2010 to 2021, Mulawarman University Samarinda and GGGI held an FGD to Study the Impact of the Green Growth Program in East Kalimantan on March 16, 2022, in Samarinda.

The Regional Basic Geographic Information System Training and Introduction to Environmental Carrying Capacity Calculations for Development Planners in East Kalimantan

One of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) capacities is the environmental carrying capacity (DDDT-LH) for development. The DDDT-LH document is essential in planning and utilizing natural resources to achieve sustainable development in an area. The ecosystem services assessment is an approach to assessing the environmental carrying capacity. Thus, applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to measure ecosystem services is important for regional development planning to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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