GGP3: Supporting Green Growth and Strategic Climate Finance in Indonesia

Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Green Growth Program Phase 3 (GGP3) that started in January this year has been progressing quite well. Now that we are fast approaching the end of 2021, we are delighted to report some of the highlights and achievements the GGP3 has managed to deliver, thanks to its highly committed counterparts, partners, donors and other supporters.

Unlocking Climate Change Project Potential: Lessons Learned from the Call for Project Concept Notes of the GCF Readiness Programme

GGGI, as the Delivery Partner of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness Program in Indonesia, Mexico, and Uganda, supported the respective country’s NDA to develop a robust project pipeline with strong country ownership through an initiative called Call for Project Concept Notes (“the Call”).

North Kalimantan and West Papua Enthusiastically Welcomed SEA Technical Training

The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is a mandatory instrument required by the government to ensure principles of sustainable development are integrated in development plans. Considering its importance, Provinces of North Kalimantan and West Papua enthusiastically welcomed the activity.

RE-ACT: Supporting Indonesia in Accelerating Renewable Energy Transition

Indonesia is facing multiple challenges to meet its increasing energy demand, provide equitable access to electricity and realize its commitment to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve emission reduction targets by 2030 (29% unconditionally, and up to 41% with international assistance compared to the Business as Usual scenario) as stated in the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), as well as the 23% renewable energy mix target by 2025 and 31% by 2050, Indonesia will have to focus on a broad range of options in the energy sector.

We Can Contribute to a Better World by Promoting and Advancing Green Growth

GGGI’s 10th Session of the Assembly and 14th Session of the Council (Joint Session) took place in two parts, E-Consultations on October 11-22 and Hybrid Meeting on October 28, 2021. Indonesia was re-elected as the GGGI Council member for the period of 2022-2023.

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