Discussions on Post-Crisis Development in the Pro Hijau Series Vol. 2 Webinar

The National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) & the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) conducted a second volume of the Pro Hijau Series on September 23, 2020 in cooperation with Forest Digest as the media partner. The second volume of the Pro Hijau Series discusses the relevance of green growth and efforts to transform development models in Indonesia from business-as-usual.


The discussion was conducted in a concise and comprehensive manner from a theoretical and academic standpoint as well as the applications in Indonesian development. Discussions also revolved around the context of green growth against shocks or crises like the current pandemic.


The second webinar was attended by a total of 230 participants from civil services, the private and public sector. It was designed with an interactive dialogue model which invited resource persons with their respective expertise.


Key speakers included top government officials such as Caca Syahroni, S.IP., M.Si. as the Deputy for State Civil Apparatus Competency Development Policy, NIPA and Ir. Medrilzam, M.Prof. Econ., Ph.D. as the Director of Environment, Bappenas. From non-government sector was Andhyta Firselly Utami, MPP., an environmental economist who established the Think Policy Society. Then, Harry Seldadyo, Ph.D., the author of the Green Growth Paradigm Module, provided an academic viewpoint on the matter, and Mahatma Putra, the creator of the documentary titled “Diam & Dengarkan” (shut up and listen) shared insights from a creative industry perspective. The five key speakers were moderated by Mariski Nirwan, Knowledge & Capacity Development Lead of GGGI.


During the discussion, each key speaker showcased green growth practices, both in Indonesia and in other countries, as well as policy practices and actions that could engage general public. Medrilzam presented government efforts to mainstream green growth paradigms into development planning in the form of low carbon development and capacity building of civil servants as part of Indonesia’s Build Back Better. Harry Seldadyo and Andhyta Firselly Utami stated that development practices need to account for the balance between people, planet and profit to ensure prosperity and peace. From the community viewpoint, Mahatma Putra showed environmentally friendly practices which everyone could apply in their daily lives. Concluding the discussion, all speakers agreed that green growth is increasingly relevant to become the basis for post-crisis economic recovery, ensuring an equitable and sustainable Indonesia.


Read more about this webinar at Forest Digest: https://www.forestdigest.com/detail/755/ekonomi-hijau-setelah-pandemi (in Bahasa Indonesia)

Watch the recorded webinar on YouTube https://youtu.be/1nPglKZLiro (in Bahasa Indonesia)