Pilot Provinces

East Kalimantan

East Kalimantan may well be the most advanced province in Indonesia in systematically moving towards green growth implementation. A Green Growth approach would support the people of the province as they carefully consider and balance multiple physical, social and economic objectives and target.

Green Growth Program activities in East Kalimantan began in July 2013 with three main focuses: collaboration in adopting the green growth approach in the process of local development planning and economics exploration on technology that supports the implementation of renewable energy and facilitation government and private sector in green investment and low-carbon development.  The commitment of East Kalimantan government to transform to renewable resources will trigger the success of green growth in East Kalimantan. Under the coordination of Bappeda of East Kalimantan, Green Growth Program adds value, especially in efforts to accelerate the mainstreaming green growth into development planning and economy through green growth assessment process and demonstrating the application of the tools of extended cost benefit analysis/eCBA to improve the quality of planning and drive investment decisions towards sustainable projects. Along with this, GGGI also demonstrates sustainable land use in East Kalimantan through the development of business plans to create sustainable economic activity for the community around the urban and rural areas while enhancing the quality of the environment as natural capital provides crucial environmental services to society.