GGGI Technical Report on BioCNG Program in Three Countries

According to a recent GGGI’s technical report, BioCNG represents a potential sustainable energy source and solution in addressing escalating energy needs for green growth development and energy transition strategies.


The International Renewable Energy Agency’s (IRENA) 1.5°C scenario estimates that bioenergy will represent 25% of the total primary energy supply by 2050. The technical report titled “Fueling the future: A report on BioCNG with the best practices and case studies,” presents GGGI’s experiences and invaluable lessons learned from its Global BioCNG Program.


Designed to offer crucial insights, the report serves as a guide for the development of viable BioCNG project, reflecting GGGI’s commitment to driving innovation in the sustainable energy landscape. “The challenges and solutions associated with the growth of the BioCNG sector vary in different countries and geographies,” Nishant Bhardwaj, GGGI’s Director, Green Investment Services and COP Lead said. “This report highlights the ways in which the unique barriers and risks of the BioCNG sector can be addressed. Countries can adopt suitable solutions and options based on the local conditions and country’s requirements,” Mr. Nishant added.


The report also describes GGGI’s experiences in supporting BioCNG development in India, Thailand, and Indonesia throughout its BioCNG Global Program. Aligned with its 2030 strategy, GGGI actively supports BioCNG project development through its Global BioCNG Program in GGGI member and partner countries.


Download the report here.