Basic of Bamboo Crafts Training for Forest Farmers Groups in KPHL Balikpapan

The Technical Implementation Unit of the Balikpapan Protected Forest Management Unit (UPTD KPHL) Balikpapan, with the support of GGGI, held a training on Introduction to Tools and Basics of Bamboo Crafts Making on March 27-30, 2022, at the Balikpapan Botanical Gardens.


This training introduced bamboo processing tools, design techniques, and the production process of bamboo crafts to around 40 participants from FMUs and Forest Farmers Groups (KTH). Furthermore, this training aimed to expand the network for areas with potential and interest in bamboo use and management.


Bamboo is a non-timber forest product found around the Manggar River Protection Forest (HLSM) and the Wain River Protection Forest (HLSW). The FMU continues to identify and inventory the types and potentials of bamboo in this area. One of the specified functions of bamboo in the Sungai Wain watershed is to increase the reservoir water discharge. At the same time, the community is using the stems.


Nature tourism is another potential of bamboo. One of those forest farmer groups assisted by the UPTD KPHL Balikpapan, namely the KTH Mitra Bersama, manages the Wana Desa Bamboo, which is used for nature tourism by the community. In addition to developing natural tourism, UPTD KPHL Balikpapan also seeks to expand the livelihood diversity of the surrounding community through processing bamboo into handicrafts or other sources of raw materials.


HLSM and HLSW are two Protected Forests under the management of UPTD KPHL Balikpapan, located in Balikpapan City with an area of ​​14,954.23 ha. Both have important functions in the environmental carrying capacity, especially as water and food providers, climate regulation, and tourism.