SEA Training for Experts in 11 Districts of Papua

In support of the Papua Provincial Forestry and Environment Office, GGGI recently facilitated a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) training for members of the Provincial SEA Validation Team and future SEA experts from local universities on July 5-9, 2021 in Jayapura.


The training aimed at increasing the capacities of experts from the Provincial SEA Validation Team, as well as future SEA experts from local universities to ensure that the SEA processes, mechanisms and methodologies are carried out in accordance with relevant regulations.


Members of the Provincial SEA Validation Team who came from relevant Papua Provincial Technical Offices and environmental experts/practitioners from local universities, including Cenderawasih University, Ottow Geissler Papua University and Musamus Merauke University attended the training. This validation team, which was appointed based on a Decree of the Papua Provincial Secretary, is tasked to validate SEA documents for various planning documents made by the technical offices, including the SEA document for the Regional Medium-term Development Plan from 11 districts in Papua as the result of December 2020 regional elections. This activity is a follow up of the SEA training for the Working Groups of SEA Regional Medium-term Development Plan in the 11 districts, which was held on April 21-23, 2021.


Capacity building in the drafting and validation of SEA in Papua province is part of GGGI’s support to Papua Provincial Government in realizing their green growth commitments, in line with the Papuan sustainable development vision or Papua Vision 2100 and the Manokwari Declaration signed on October 7, 2018, on Customary Area-Based Sustainable Development in both Papua and West Papua provinces, also known as the Land of Papua.